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Implied warranty strict liability essay

implied warranty strict liability essay

aspects of tort and contract law. Warranties and product liability have been expanded to protect the injured plaintiff and help them to recover fully. Motor vehicle insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands, while cyclist insurance is not) must pay the full damages, as long as 1) the collision was unintentional (i.e. 2, contents, tort law edit, in tort law, strict liability is the imposition of liability on a party without a finding of fault (such as negligence or tortious intent).

The law imposes certain warranties or guaranties on the sale of products. When the manufacturer is available, it becomes a challenge to protect subsequent sellers from a suit (Emerson, 2009).

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5 If it can be proved that a cyclist intended to collide with the car, then the cyclist must pay the damages (or their parents in the case of a minor.). Assumption of Risk: a plaintiff who has voluntarily and knowingly the risk of harm arising from the negligence or reckless conduct of the defendant cannot recover for such harm. Firstly, under negligence theory, the plaintiff is required to prove negligence. 14 Publisher: Cengage Learning isbn-13. 2d 453 (1944) (Traynor,., concurring) it was clearly stated that on the demand of public policy the responsibility should be fixed even though there is no element of negligence under the circumstances of hazardous and dangerous to life and health due to the defective. "Exploring Warranties and Product Liability.". According to the law of privity, the injured individual has the right to sue the negligent person only if he or she was a party to the engagement with the injured person. 3, it discourages reckless behavior and needless loss by forcing potential defendants to take every possible precaution. On the other hand, design defects happen when the products are manufactured as the manufacturer needed, but the product is unreasonably harmful for its intended use. Manufacturers or producers that communicate misleading information in labels or advertising are liable for the resulting injuries among the consumers.

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