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Essay on general adaptation syndrome ap psychology

essay on general adaptation syndrome ap psychology

reactions leading, under certain conditions, to disease but individual glands and their hormonal secretions were understood primarily in terms of their involvement in homeostatic adjustments to stressful circumstances. In 1922 Cannon had criticized studies that measured organ responses only in terms of size or that drew conclusions from the application of injuries, such as organ ablation, that could not be considered physiological. In particular, his work echoed, and sometimes directly drew on, preceding and adjacent studies of physiological adaptation, contemporary accounts of fatigue and anxiety among modern populations, and psychosomatic understandings of disease. The increased incidence of perforated peptic ulcers among British populations subjected to air raids, for example, could be explained in terms of an adrenocortical defense reaction, comparable to that produced in animals by exposure to stress. His notion of an alarm reaction shared much in common with Cannons account of fight or flight responses to danger, but Selyes discussion of the subsequent stages of resistance and exhaustion introduced an element of chronicity that was generally missing from previous studies. 62 Given that an individuals capacity to endure fatiguing ordeals appeared to be related to adrenal function, Pincus and Hoagland attempted to determine whether certain steroids increased resistance to stress. Many of Selyes students were also profoundly influenced by his vision and personality, and some of them, such as Roger Guillemin, made major contributions to the science of hormonal regulation and stress. If you need to contact the Course-Notes. Regarded by Selye as a form of defense similar to immunity, the general adaptation syndrome represented a generalised cause and effect essay on 'a effort of the organism to adapt itself to new conditions. 79 During the postwar decades the central features of Selyes triphasic adaptation syndrome, and particularly his focus on the role of the adrenopituitary system in regulating stress responses, were not only adopted by allergists, clinical ecologists, and psychiatrists treating patients but also discussed in the. In his discussions of adaptation energy and exhaustion he tended to cite the result of his own experiments rather than refer to any broader literature to support his arguments.

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As Rhodri Hayward has argued, in a world threatened by social, political, and economic instability, the notion of adaptation became increasingly central to Anglo-American psychiatric, psychological, and neurological theory and practice during this period. 52 Military interest in cortical hormone dakghar in hindi essay preparations was related in part to their potential to reduce mental and physical fatigue. 87 Measured historical reflection is needed to reconcile conflicting accounts of Selyes place in the modern history of stress. From the early 1950s through to the 1980s, his research on adaptation and stress was reported in national newspapers, magazines, and clinical journals across the world. While we strive to provide the most comprehensive notes for as many high school textbooks as possible, there are certainly going to be some that we miss.